VLX staking is Live!!!

3 min readJun 29, 2022


We are super excited to finally launch our long-awaited Verlux flexible staking platform.

Anyone holding $VLX can participate in the staking and get rewards, using the staking link https://stake.verlux.io

Verlux Staking Explained

The Verlux Staking uses a flexible staking system where your tokens doesn’t have to leave your wallet to be staked.

While staked the $VLX never leaves your wallet and not locked in a smart contract, therefore you have access and control over your $VLX tokens at every point of the way.

Buy $VLX on Bitmart

Verlux Staking Platform Features:

  • No Token Lock/Flexible Staking
  • Zero Fees
  • 12% APY
  • DAO participation
  • No KYC Required

How To Stake $VLX

You can stake $VLX tokens by first purchasing $VLX tokens on BitMart , if you already own $VLX tokens, visit the Verlux Website and click on Stake $VLX on the homepage.

Click on Vault and you will be required to select your preferred Cardano wallet which have your $VLX tokens and you will be redirected to the Verlux staking platform.

Once wallet is connected your $VLX balance will be shown on the staking platform and you just click on stake.

How Does It Work

Participants will enjoy 12% APY on the Verlux staking platform which translates to a one percent (1%) of the staked amount monthly

Once you click on stake, your stake will activate but will not be live until the next threshold.

Once staked you need to have not less than the staked amount on your wallet holding the staked $VLX tokens, if within the 30 days your stake is below the amount that you had when the threshold was reached, you will not receive the rewards for that but you can still continue staking for the next thresholds.

You will need to maintain that minimum balance for 30 days after the threshold has been reached in order to receive your rewards.

You can increase your stake by adding $VLX to your wallet at any time.

Road Ahead for Verlux

The Verlux marketplace is still under active development and will be on test-net in no distance time.

We will soon be launching the Verlux NFT Drop which will have multiple use cases within the Verlux Ecosystem.

Further announcements on the Verlux NFT Marketplace will be made soon.

Verlux Social Links:

Website: https://verlux.io

Telegram: https://t.me/verluxcommunity

Discord: https://discord.gg/rAEQYbhKJS

Twitter: https://twitter.com/VerluxNFT

YouTube: https://tinyurl.com/2p8dh24y

Gitbook: https://verlux.gitbook.io

Medium: https://verluxnft.medium.com




Verlux Is Building The Biggest NFT Marketplace On The Cardano Blockchain Website: https://verlux.io