The Verlux (VLX) Staking Platform (First Look)

3 min readFeb 17, 2022


Hello Verlux community, we are excited announce that the Verlux Staking platform will be released in the coming weeks.

However before the release, there will be a whitelisting for our users who will be able to test the Verlux Staking platform before a public release. This will ensure that we get the best user experience feedback from users before we go public.

Verlux Staking Overview

What is Staking?. A quick search on google will tell us that “Crypto Staking is a way to put your crypto to work and earn rewards on it.”

Some staking platforms will require users to lock their assets in a smart contract while they earn rewards, which means they will not have access to their crypto/tokens until the end of the stipulated staking period.

The Verlux staking will work in a way that your VLX tokens never have to leave your wallet while it’s staked. How this works is that users cannot have less than the staked number of VLX tokens on your wallet at any given time of the staking period.

Users will have a full access to their tokens and can decide to unstake their tokens at any given time, this makes the Verlux staking more flexible and secure than most staking platforms.

The Verlux Staking will be one of the various ways we intend to give utility to the Verlux (VLX) token.

We intend to open up 3 staking pools, each with different rewards, minimum contribution and locking periods.

We will make a more technical post on:

  • How to use the Verlux Staking platform
  • The different staking pools which includes pool sizes, duration, minimum stake and APR’s
  • How to stake

First Look Of VLX Staking Platform

It’s an exciting time for us at Verlux as we continue to develop to see the Verlux project to full realisation and next will be the release The Verlux NFT Marketplace testnet.

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