Introducing Verlux: The First Cross-Chain NFT Market Place on the Cardano Blockchain

Verlux is a community driven platform which aims to build a fully decentralized Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace on the Cardano Blockchain.

When fully functional, the Verlux cross-chain NFT Marketplace will be creating a system where users will be able to mint, exchange, sell and buy NFTs on the Cardano Blockchain.

When launched, users will be able to experience the interoperability of NFTs on our platform as with our Cross-Chain functionality, they will be able to trade NFTs built on other blockchains to Cardano network.

What is the idea behind Verlux?

NFT’s has been the new rave of the cryptocurrency industry. We have seen a significant increase in the trade of NFTs since its popularity in 2017. Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) has seen its daily trading volume by at least $50 million with its total market valuation surpassing over $1 Billion. As much as there is so much growth experienced so far in the NFT markets, it is important to note that there is still so much limitations of NFTs and its lacking in some areas in terms of scalability.

Crypto enthusiasts and art creators have gainfully adopted the idea behind NFTs, but despite its surge in demand the whole ecosystem still faces a few issues which are outlined below:

NFTs on a blockchain are not are not able to directly interact with non-native assets on other blockchain, thereby limiting users to just one blockchain network.

High minting fees of NFTs and transaction cost especially on the Etherum blockchain has been an issue limiting more users from joining the NFT market.

Verlux when launched aims to solve the these issues and more. Building on the Cardano Network, we will be able to solve these issues due to value possessed by the Cardano Blockchain. With the intended complete release of the Cardano Goguen ( smart contracts on Cardano ) which will allow implementation of smart contracts into the DeFi system, there is so much potential and ability the we can utilize with building on the network.

Solutions from Verlux

Cross-Chain Integration: We will be providing a cross-chain atomic swap protocol which will enable users to sell, swap and buy NFTs minted on another blockchain to the Cardano Network. For the first time, users will be able to experience true interoperability between NFTs and will no longer have to be limited to one blockchain.

Low Transaction Costs: Building on the Cardano blockchain will give use an edge to utilise its low transaction costs. Users will no longer have to pay obnoxious transaction costs to mint or trade NFTs on our platform.

Ease of Use: We are building a platform where users will experience the best user friendly interface. Users will be able to mint, sell, buy and trade on our platform with ease just with the clicks of a few buttons.

You can check out our Whitepaper for more details about what Verlux has to offer to the NFT Ecosystem.

Team Behind Verlux

Verlux is made up of DeFi and Blockchain professionals well knowledge in it’s development and usage. Most importantly, they are innovative minds looking to gear the NFT Ecosystem to future of NFTs which is Cross-Chain NFT Platforms. We know the DeFi space keeps evolving and our team are strategically selected to ensure innovation and out of the box ideas are our priority. This is to ensure we are at the top of new innovations needed in the NFT Ecosystem and DeFi space as a whole.

Verlux boasts of a founding team who are rooted in various sectors notably the blockchain, finance, banking, marketing, creative and business development. The expertise of our founding team spans across these sectors to ensure that the Verlux NFT Platform reaches the peak in our expected mark for the NFT ecosystem.

Founder.- Glen Grayson

Twitter: GlenGrayson_

Glen Grayson started his career in the finance sectors and was one of the early adopters of crypto. He’s combined knowledge in the traditional banking system and crypto gave him the experience to realize crypto is the future.

Our founder has been in several different projects in blockchain development and has a passion for the creative side of the crypto space. Glen Grayson has described himself as a committed team player and professional.

At Verlux, his job will be to coordinate and guide the entire team and developers through the dynamic environment of NFT Ecosystem and the Cardano Blockchain.

CTO.- Claudia Fester

Twitter: claudia_fester

Claudia Fester has over 10 years’ experience in the IT sector, a peaked interest in knowing how cryptocurrency work pushed Claudia Fester into taking a leap into cryptocurrencies and 3 years ago she began working with exchanges and blockchain tech companies. Claudia Fester’s knowledge in IT and use of multiple programming languages made her blend quickly into Blockchain technology which has made her a valuable asset in projects she worked in.

At Verlux, Claudia Fester will have a crucial task of coordinating and guiding our developers on the development of our Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace.

Project Advisor.- Mathias Grunther

Twitter: MGrunther

Mathias has a clear knowledge in blockchain technology and extensive career in product development, business development and marketing. He is also a lover of art and collector.

He was chosen as the project advisor on the synergy of this knowledge ranging from Blockchain to Art and Product development. He will be charged with developing clear strategies to get more visibility to the global Crypto and NFT Ecosystem.

These are front running team members at the moment. We will momentarily introduce you to other backend team (Dev) members as soon as possible.

Verlux Token ($VLX) :

Verlux will be powered by its utility token $VLX.

$VLX tokens will have various use cases on our platform, it will be a key feature of Verlux ecosystem as from creators to traders to users it will be utilised on platform.

The token will be the backbone of the Verlux Marketplace as governance, transaction fees and also NFT creators can list their assets for sale with $VLX Tokens, this will be ensuring its utility throughout the platform and more.


Token Ticker: $VLX

Network: Cardano

Total supply: 1,000,000,000

Contract Address:

Seed Sale: 25% (250,000,000)

Pre-Sale: 20% (200,000,000)

Public Sale: 15% (150,000,000)

Team & Advisors: 8% (80,000,000)

Marketing: 15% (150,000,000)

Strategic Partnerships: 7% (70,000,000)

Reserve Funds: 10% (100,000,000)


Verlux is creating a revolutionary project, a first of its kind which will help in the interoperability of NFTs. We are on a mission to create a decentalized platform where users will experience the next level functions needed in the NFT ecosystem to ensure its scalabilty.

Verlux with our creative team well knowlegded in blockchain technology which will create the first cross-chain swap protocol for NFTs will constantly remain innovative in its mission to provide solutions to take the NFT ecosystem to the next level.

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Verlux Is Building The Biggest NFT Marketplace On The Cardano Blockchain Website:

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Verlux Is Building The Biggest NFT Marketplace On The Cardano Blockchain Website:

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